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About Us

Clinton Creek Hideaway started in 2019 with the idea to create a haven for people who'd like to experience a true wilderness off-the-grid life. Clinton Creek is set in a beautiful, natural surrounding; placed in the middle of the woods and right along the Forty Mile River; it's easy for body and soul to relax and recharge. The idea is to bring people closer to their roots and themselves. Nature is a major healer and we'd like people to experience that.


Earl and Sandy have been living off-the-grid in Clinton Creek for 15 years together with a bunch of dogs and cats and the idea to open this place to the public came into fruition when a third person got involved in the adventure: Julia.

We are now working on a future retreat and event location, and meanwhile have this beautiful piece of land running as an off-the-grid accommodation and event location starting summer 2019.

Sandy & Earl_edited.jpg

Sandra Vaisvil and Earl Rolf, Owners

Earl and Sandy dreamed of living in the wilderness, off-grid and while searching for their 'place' in Alaska, stumbled upon the old Clinton Creek townsite and instantly fell in love with this wonderful piece of heaven, on the Forty Mile River. They pulled up stakes in Alaska and immigrated to the Yukon, where they have been now for 15 years.

 While they enjoy the solitude of life out here, they also cannot be selfish and thus, are delighted to invite others to experience this peaceful respite, whether to relax and dis-connect from the business of our modern life, or to engage with the river and the wilds surrounding it.


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